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Headshot of Andy Sudbrock, Psilocybin facilitator & psychedelic professional training assistant

Andy Sudbrock

Andy Sudbrock is on the DPS Psilocybin Exploration Training team for certified doulas, hospice and palliative care professionals to learn how to combine psilocybin use with end-of-life services. Andy is a certified integration coach and has experience facilitating psilocybin retreats. He founded Sacred Path Retreats to follow his passion for healing plant medicines.


As an ecologist and naturalist, Andy has a deep love for and connection with nature. Combining his love for nature and self-exploration experiences Andy helps others to reconnect with themselves, others, and most profoundly with Mother Earth. Immersion in Jamaica's raw natural beauty adds depth to the experience that Andy "taps in to" in order to create a one-of-a-kind experience. 

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