“We offer real hope by helping ex-offenders make amends for past conduct, develop positive daily routines, and address the heart of their anti-social behaviors and traumas”.

The CARE program is the criminal justice reform initiative of Diaspora Psychedelic Society. This pilot program works with the Jamaican justice system and community resources to address many issues related to offender community reintegration. CARE is a 12- month pre-release program that also serves as a tool for the courts to offer a rehabilitative option for first-time offender diversion.

Constructive Relationships

Positive relationships and influences are a vital component to successful community re-entry. Many ex-offenders however, have broken relationships caused by imprisonment itself or by the harm they may have done to their families and loved ones. In order to avoid their return to destructive and anti-social behaviors we help to:

  • Identify family and community members that can serve as mentors during the re-entry process

  • Enlist skilled facilitators to guide restorative meetings with family and victims to discuss how to make amends and rebuild damaged relationships 

  • Develop and utilize strategic partnerships with families, NGO's, faith-based organizations, and donor support to help transitioning persons with shelter, food, and basic care

Addressing Needs

A clear plan is key to success. We focus on the most critical and vulnerable time for transitioning persons: the first twenty-four hours to thirty days of release.

  • We help identify resources available from NGOs, churches, private donations, and government agencies and ensure that program attendees know the application procedures, hours of operation, and qualifications for each

  • We help identify friends, family members, locations, and circumstances likely to draw offenders into trouble, and help develop strategies to avoid them

  • We employ a network of enthusiastic mental health counselors that are ready to help in times of crisis and for intermittent support.

CARE is supported by therapists, chaplains, and administrators island-wide who employ sound psychological practices along with applied non-traditional therapies to achieve maximum benefit for transitioning persons and their communities.

We promote:

  • Restorative justice policies and practices

  • Stronger communities through reconciliation

  • Common ground, dialogue and collaboration 

  • Diverting first-time offenders from prison towards a more positive path

  • A new path towards real rehabilitation

The CARE Approach

Rehabilitation & Personal Development

Preparation for community re-entry requires honest evaluation of prisoners’ personal strengths and weaknesses. We perform a thorogh personalized assessment of every potential CARE candidate to help us manage how our program can be most effective for them.

Our thorough inventory and needs assessment identifies a candidates strengths, weaknesses, and likelihood of successful completion of our program. By holistically assessing an offender's most imminent needs and matching them to the appropriate interventions, we're better able to help them prepare realistic plans for their return to society.

Experience the dps center

Becoming contributing members of society takes discipline, time, and effort. CARE candidates will not only need to deal appropriately with their past but also find positive employment and ways to give back to Jamaican society. The DPS Center is our 100% sustainable wellness center and ecovillage where we provide skills training for transitioning inmates. Training opportunities range from traditional farming, hydroponic farming technology, sustainable building techniques, meditation and mindfulness training, and other hard and soft vocational skills.

Community Reintegration

Successful reintegration into society requires commitment and discipline on the part of the ex-offender and a little help from the rest of us. We provide additional resources such as:

  • Attention, support, and preparation with dignity

  • Alternative medicine therapies and integration

  • Professional mental health counseling

  • Substance abuse services

  • Transitional housing

  • Public welfare system access

  • Faith-based community services

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