Cotdia fund

The COTDIA Fund matches those who care about the wellbeing and health of the BIPOC community with those who lack equal access to legal psychedelic therapies and wellness experiences. Through our partner network, we raise funds to cover some or all of the costs of sacred medicine exploration for those in need. 

COTDIA (Children Of The Diaspora) exists to: 

  • Create safe, open spaces that foster BIPOC wellness, unity, and empowerment

  • Encourage healing between communities by connecting those who care about BIPOC issues with those in need of sacred medicine-assisted therapies

  • Bring together community partners and resources in a collaborative and effective manner to support DPS and COTDIA goals


If you're a professional therapist, integration specialist, or medicine worker interested in being a part of our COTDIA program please contact:


If  you're interested in supporting the healing of the BIPOC community or if you're a member of the BIPOC community who would like to apply for sponsorship to offset the cost of our psilocybin-supported therapies, please register below: 

COTDIA - Serving the children of the african diaspora

Our COTDIA Gathering is a sacred medicine event dedicated to the healing and empowerment of the children of the African diaspora.