Our COTDIA Gathering was created as a container for neutralizing the toxic effects of colonialism, racism, and generational self-neglect.

Our Focus

  1. Re-establishing the link between Black, Caribbean, African, Latino, and Indigenous communities as one world-wide indigenous family.

  2. We gather to heal and to offer each other insights into redefining our identity and purpose as we discuss building a more sustainable future in this time of unprecedented change.

  3. Reconnecting to our ancestral strengths in a meaningful and profound way as we uplift and support each other.

  4. Collect data that adds our experiences and contributions to the greater psychedelic movement.

  5. Develop programs that assist in reaching our highest potential while releasing trauma and joyously reconnecting to life.



  • Radical self-care and creating routines that change your life

  • Developing mindfulness and your native healing self

  • Transcending and channeling anger to find your purpose

  • Decolonizing your mind and diet through ancestral eating

  • Spirituality and consciousness from an Afro-indigenous point of view

  • Creating a more self-sufficient future by cooperating as spiritual family groups