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Psychedelic Wellness Facility

We're soon breaking ground on our new sacred medicine center and ecovillage dedicated to long term psychedelic wellness! The DPS Sacred Medicine Center is our 100% sustainable facility that fuses ancient building techniques and forward-thinking sustainability with cutting-edge psychedelic therapies. We embrace an integrative approach that focuses on the healing modalities that support sustained recovery and health.

Coming 2022

Sacred Medicine Facilities

Our multi-acre sacred medicine center and ecovillage features: 

 DPS Sacred Medicine Center Services

  • Drug Interruption Program

  • Veteran's Mental Health

  • Depression and Anxiety Clinic

  • Trauma Recovery Program

  • Dietary Detox and Reset

  • Collaborative Psychedelic Research 

  • Sacred Medicine Space & Sanctuary

  • Eco-lodging (12 private rooms)

  • Facilitator's Cottage (2 bedrooms)

  • Low-cost Camping/Glamping areas

  • Therapeutic Cannabis License

  • Sacred Medicine Apothecary

  • Psychedelic Lounge

  • Outdoor Workshop Space

  • Cultivation & Research Laboratory

  • Recreational Areas 

DPS Center Member Benefits & Discounts

All DPS members enjoy flexible, lower-cost access to all DPS Center services, programs, and facilities.

DPS LifeTime members enjoy  three nights of free lodging per year and access to community involvement on a deeper level.

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