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PRIVATE End-of-life

Private EOL Retreats

Sacred Transitions

Reducing the fear, anxiety, and depression associated with death and dying.

We explore ways to heal spiritual and emotional pain, broaden our understanding of death, and come to experience this as a joyful transition.

Would you like to:
  • Approach your end-of-life with peace, awe, and wonder?

  • Deepen bonds with family and friends

  • Learn about the dying process without fear or anxiety? 

  • Discover ways you and your loved ones can celebrate your life?

elderly woman in bed with eye covering mask

A Path to Peace

For those looking to shed their conditioned fear of the unknown through sacred medicine connection and integration.

Our Sacred Transitions End of Life Retreat encourages those with serious or terminal diagnoses to revisit their views about death, learn about pre- and post-death options, and leave empowered to die a good death.

Our Approach

Experience skillfully guided psilocybin experiences rooted in indigenous, scientific, and esoteric wisdom paired with an experienced death doula and professional integration for end-of-life support.

Our Focus
  • Cultivate Awe, Awareness, and Wonder for Life and Death

  • Empower Those at End-of-Life with Options

  • Healing Spiritual and Emotional Pain

  • Dying Good, Peaceful Deaths


A private gathering for you and your loved ones!

What is a death doula?

Simply put, we hold space for those who want to find peace navigating the difficult and complex emotions associated with end-of-life transition.

Angry? This is a time to scream. Sad? Let’s create a space for tears. If you are feeling joy or happiness, let’s explore that as well. Without judgment, we take the time we need to feel. And let it all out.

“After the ecstasy, the laundry.” Jack Kornfield

Our multidisciplinary team of professional clinicians and end of life specialists provide specially curated psilocybin-supported experiences designed to encourage free and open dialogue that explores what a “good death” means to you.

elderly mother with two daughters laughing on the beach by the ocean
son laughing with arm around elderly father

We listen deeply to your concerns, fears, hopes, and life stories to help you and your loved ones intentionally create the kind of dying experience that honors your life, connections, and legacy.

“We’re all just walking each other home.” Ram Dass


5-nights / 6-days
  • BEFORE ARRIVAL. 60 min. private virtual preparation, 60 minute family/group preparation "Meet the Team" 

  1. ARRIVAL DAY. Check-In after 3pm, meet the team, and orientation.

  2. MEDICINE DAY. Preparation activities including fasting for sunset psilocybin exploration.

  3. INTEGRATION DAY.  Private integration with clinician, therapeutic activities, massage, and free time.

  4. MEDICINE DAY. Preparation activities including fasting for sunset psilocybin exploration.

  5. INTEGRATION DAY.  Integration with clinician, excursion and free time.   

  6. DEPARTURE DAY. Check Out by 11am

  • FOLLOW-UP. 60 min. private virtual integration, 60 min. family/group virtual integration

Your private retreat includes:
  • Sacred Medicine Participation Health Review

  • 60 min. private virtual preparation before coming to Jamaica

  • 60 min. family/group virtual preparation to meet your facilitators before coming to Jamaica

  • Professional preparation and guidance

  • Professional support during sessions

  • Professional integration counseling

  • Massages, yoga, and meditation

  • Seaside accommodations, on-site meals

  • Excursion and dinner out.  

  • Airport and local transportation

  • 60 min. private virtual integration follow-up

  • 60 min. family/group virtual integration follow-up



Private Villas

Private Villa

Your private end-of-life family retreat is hosted at a private villa situated on a hill in Billy's Bay across from the local community beach. Here, you can enjoy the beautiful poolside view and relax safely and comfortably.


Transferable (Non-refundable)


Per Person



Per Person

Max. 6 participants

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