Eric sparrow

Musicethnocologist and Music Integration Specialist

E.J. is a classically trained musician, performer, author and instructor. He attended Berklee School of Music and Fullsail University, where he studied audio engineering and musical ethnography. While pursuing a second bachelors in abnormal psychology from USF in Tampa, E.J. worked as a mental health tech and crises counselor. He became disillusioned by the textbook psychology teachings and changed his major to anthropology in his senior year. He then integrated his passion for folkloric tradition, ethnography and the study of ancient cultures, with an emphasis on the Maya, their calendar system and the sacred Popol Vuh mythology. 


Discovering his first psilocybe cubensis species of wild growing psychoactive mushrooms in the Ocala National Forest led to a lifelong enthusiasm for entheogens and a fervent pursuit of the elusive mystical experience. E.J. subsequently guided countless others on their spiritual journey, working with magic mushrooms as a healing sacramental plant medicine. After taking a gap year to participate in an archaeological field school in the Yucatan, E.J. worked on deciphering glyphs at the Tomb of Pacal and Temple of the Inscriptions complex at Palenque. He also did field work in Israel, digging in the caves surrounding Qumran, the location where the Dead Sea scrolls were found. In the years since, E.J. has obtained a Masters in Cinematography, and discovered a love for filmmaking as well.

The last two decades E.J. has been teaching music, helping thousands of children and adults overcome insecurities by inspiring them to develop an inner confidence as blossoming musicians. He has authored two books, the latest of which, Humongous Fungus Among Us, is inspired by current research revealing the beneficial treatment of psilocybin for healing trauma, depression, and PTSD.

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