We're building community, creating self-sufficiency, practicing organic farming, and applying sustainable solutions. If you're interested in sharing your skill or learning a new one, we invite you to join us!

Sun, water, earth, air. The interplay is as old as time and we strive to tap into it. We not only cultivate the soil - we also cultivate the best in each other.


We're committed to providing life-affirming experiences that help our guests live the kind of lives they want to live. 


Working Meditation 

We practice cultivating awareness in our day-to-day lives. There's no philosophy, no dogma, only growing in presence. the farm is a place for healing and reconnecting with the earth through caring for the soil, water, animals and each other. You're sure to pick up a few new skills while you're here.


Organic produce and more

We'll be producing a variety of crops and products for our family CSA, farmers market, and local Jamaican stores and restaurants. Our main crops are garlic, onions, brassicas and hardy greens, tomatoes, aromatic and culinary herbs, many types of hot and sweet peppers, watermelon, beans, potatoes, and more. The farm will also soon be home to a number of chickens and goats.

Situated high in the cool and windy hills of St. Elizbeth Parish, the farm is about 25 mins drive from our seaside location in Treasure Beach. Temperatures at this elevation are typically 10-15 degrees (F) cooler than down at the beach. 

Sustainable living hacks

We aim to continually explore new sustainable solutions that promote self-sufficiency and trade within the community. We'll keep testing our ideas, building new solutions, and teaching everything we do through our Work Exchange Program.

Solar Panel

The Work Exchange program welcomes like-minded travelers from around the world to become a part of  a community where every contribution great and small is honored, appreciated, and reciprocated.

The Work Exchange Program is an opportunity to experience life at the farm. Participants are offered the chance to cover a substantial portion of the regular cost of psilocybin-supported exploration through this program.

The program consists of six hours per day of farm activity which leaves time to balance the day with personal practices such as meditation, journal keeping, and reflection.