Our relationship healing workshops are designed and overseen by professional relationship counselors and supported by an experienced sacred medicine staff.


Conscious Couples Bootcamp

Created to give partners a chance to explore and heal their deepest relationship issues while celebrating their strengths in a safe and supported environment. 


Specifically for couples looking to improve their relationship through a psychedelic-based wellness approach that encourages healthy interaction, authenticity, and improved communication.

We explore how to establish new rules of engagement and encourage vulnerability as a tool for deeper intimacy. Using a therapy-backed, psilocybin supported approach to healing, couples practice how to address painful issues utilizing boundaries, personal grounding and self-regulation techniques. 

Tools for renewal

  • As part of the process, couples will explore their own personal issues and patterns that stem from childhood

  • We focus on eliminating shame and aiding in the release of accumulated negative interactions

  • We address forming new patterns that overturn inherited dynamics from their family of origin

Gay Couple Eating Popsicles

Family Focus Workshop

Healthy families are at the root of healthy communities. We've created our private psilocybin-supported family workshop to provide struggling families the tools for building healthy family relationships while getting at the root of the co-dependent behaviors, trauma, and/or addiction issues that negatively affect the family dynamic. We focus on tools and techniques that foster individual growth and collective healing.


Our Intent

Designed for privacy to meet the unique needs of a single family, the objective of the Family Focus Workshop is to establish a supportive and safe environment that encourages authenticity, productive communication, and healthy boundaries while working through difficult issues.


The primary goal of the workshop is to help family members heal the family dynamic and develop tools to successfully enhance respect and recovery.

Our Family Focus workshops center on:

  • Teaching family members how to explore their own dynamics in a balanced, safe, and open container

  • Helping families focus less on any individual member and focus more on the family as a whole

  • Identifying individual conflicts and anxieties and developing strategies to resolve them

  • Strengthening all family members so they can work on their problems individually and together

  • Teaching new ways to handle conflict through active listening and improved communication

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