Isaiah Noreiga

Therapist, Co-Founder of PsiloHealth

​PsiloHealth is a community of mental health practitioners, pharmacists, and other professionals who are committed to the health and well-being of all. They believe that psilocybin can play a major role in bringing about personal insight, growth, and alignment. PsiloHealth offers thought-provoking content, affordable educational opportunities, and community support. Isaiah co-founded PsiloHealth with his colleague Dr. Sa’ed Al-Olimat, who he not only considers a dear friend but an inspiration.

Isaiah Noreiga has always been an introspective and curious soul. While his passion lies in many areas including psilocybin, jungian psychology, and building community through a disability justice lens; Isaiah is currently pursuing a PhD in psychology. Isaiah was first introduced to psilocybin during his late teenage years where he found himself deeply moved by the insights he experienced.

To get a little deeper, Isaiah was born with a disorder called prune belly syndrome (PBS). PBS is a rare disorder where there is partial or complete absence of the abdominal muscles causing a series of complications. Isaiah required a few different surgeries and thus had a pretty complicated childhood which included many doctor visits, hospitalizations, and sick days from school. Isaiah also struggled with mental health issues spanning from twelve years old to about twenty-four. During this journey, Isaiah received a variety of psychiatric medications and mental health treatment that ended up being pretty ineffective.

Isaiah attributes his current growth and healing to a variety of things. However, the mainstay in his life is the profound insights he gathered through his psilocybin experiences and the deep personal reflection that continued years after.

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