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Headshot of Julia Mirer, MD, DPS Clinical Consultant

Julia Mirer MD

Dr. Julia Mirer is a consultant in the emerging field of psychedelic medicine, serving as a bridge between eastern and western practices, committed to merging the two in order to help create a new paradigm for integrative health and wellness.


She was on the road to a career in Pediatrics, but suddenly realized she wasn't buying what she was selling. It was as if the western model was missing tools to help people truly heal and the tools available were only partially effective. Seeing the pitfalls of the current healthcare system, she decided to resign from her program to explore alternative healing paths. This shift in career paths led her to discover Ayurveda, mindfulness based stress reduction, and ecotherapy. She also discovered the unbelievable healing potential of psychedelics and has since committed herself fully to understanding the medicine and the emerging industry so as to be able to advocate for its ethical and responsible reintegration into mainstream medicine and society at large.

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