melanie martin

Medicine Woman & Women's Integration, COTDIA

Melanie Martin is a Medicine Woman, Sound Guide, Clear Channel, Reiki Teacher and Practitioner. She thanks the Little Saints for finding her, teaching her and leading her back onto the path of her soul. 

Melanie is a proud Trinidadian who employs the use of sacred song, chanting, reiki, storytelling, and rhythmic dancing in her medicine work. Her aim this lifetime is to reach people everywhere who are suffering from unresolved trauma (especially the generational kind), and of course the forgotten people of the diaspora to assist them on their path to wholeness. 

She is highly partial to women’s healing, wanting them to obtain what she has found: discipline, courage and peace. Melanie is not afraid of the dark side of things - journeying to the depths of her souls is how she has been able to recover many forgotten aspects of self and heal her childhood issues. 

When Melanie isn’t telling stories around the fire, she can be found creating a sacred mala necklace, hugging a tree, laughing and telling jokes, chanting, drawing, writing, and her all time favorite -looking for a new country to visit. You can find her on instagram: @bodhisattvatara or

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