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Michael Henry LLB Law, Pg Dip, MSc

I have been working with people in some capacity for over thirty years. I started out as a Childcare worker in my teens and ended up here as a Psychotherapist. This career truly chose me and not the other way round. I was working in the Youth Offending Service in my late twenties getting increasingly disillusioned at the contradiction of my role. How can one be the helper and the enforcer at the same time?

In addition my philosophy was changing, it became clear that change in thought and behavior had a much better outcome when the person was ‘ready’ or motivated to change rather then when one was compelled to… With that in mind, I sought out training that would reconcile with my professional practice and that’s how I initially became a Integrative Psychotherapist.

As a Clinician I gained experience in a variety of private, public and third sectors, working in the field of mental health including the NHS before I found my way back into statutory services via Children’s Social Care. It was whilst working in Child Protection Services that the sharpening of my composition as a Clinician was crystallized. Over the years I gained more skills, therapeutic interventions/ certificates, and completed further training to become a Systemic Couples and Family Psychotherapist. With my extensive knowledge and experience I began to devise and deliver workshops/training to disseminate Systemic theory, concepts and other intervention tools for professionals in Children’s Social Care and other relevant professionals.

This further developed into my organizational consulting work doing Diagnostic projects with Children Social Care departments throughout the U.K and various organizations in this industry.

This is a career where you can never stop learning because the wonders of human behavior and interaction is unlimited and there is so much more we have to learn and understand, however after all this time I am firmly in the realm of how is the ‘wisdom’ applied to what I am doing, in my professional practice.

And this is what I bring to the space for you, experience, knowledge, compassion, a warm, gregarious presentation and wisdom. Core to my work is building a good therapeutic alliance and a trusting relationship whereas whoever I am working with is capable of moving towards their full potential. In our collaboration, as we work with the effects of whatever is challenging you at this point in time, in an empathic, creative, and compassionate manner we will move towards what is fundamental to emotional regulation, healing and developing a sense of contentment. 

Born and bred in East London to Jamaican parents, my identity as a ‘Londoner’ is most evident whenever I travel around this world. I proudly embrace the many aspects of my multiculturalism.
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