microdosing day trips

Rasta guided hikes and tours

Join us to experience the natural and cultural wonder that is Jamaica! Our unique psilocybin microdosing tours take you to little-known pockets of Jamaica that remain unseen by most tourists. We'll take in the natural beauty and healing that only Jamaica and gentle psilocybin exploration can provide. Come and see the world from a Rasta point of view!   


Our guided microdosing day trips are conducted 7 days per week at select locations across the island. Tours are offered to the public and microdosing is optional. 

Our day trips offer:

  • A variety of destinations including a nature immersion wilderness hike and a seaside Rasta Village

  • Psilocybin microdose (optional)

  • Local Rasta Guide (included, but tips are appreciated!)

  • Transportation to/from meeting place - max 8 participants per tour.

USD $175

Reservations and booking for our Microdosing Day Trips will begin soon. Stay tuned for updates!

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