MUSIC, Medicine & Mindfulness

Are you Ready for a New Kind of Healing Getaway?

Since the beginning of our existence music has been an integral part of the human experience. Music has the power to both anchor us firmly and to propel us to new realms. The links between psychedelic exploration and music are clear spanning from the ancient shamanistic icaros of the jungle to the present groundbreaking work of organizations like WavePaths. Join us in celebration of that ancient link as we explore and celebrate the fusion of music and medicine.



Being in a space where everyone is vibrating with music. Everyone is present; realizing their natural interdependence and connection. Some bring their voices, some their ally instrument, while others bring their bodies ready to vibrate, react, and express their soul's deepest truths through motion.

“Music is a language that transcends all barriers. It resonates in everyone regardless of class, culture, or color. Music is a force that can even transcend political and social disparities to induce deep spiritual connection on its own.”

Creative Souls

Our Music, Medicine & Mindfulness workshop is designed for musicians, singers, dancers, creatives, and music lovers of all levels. You don't need to be a musician or even have ever laid hands on an instrument to be part of this workshop. An interest in intentional sacred medicine exploration and a simple love for musical and creative environments is all that’s required!


“Music connects people and binds them through their shared experience of it- even if there is nothing that connects them at an individual level”.

Any Acoustic Instrument is Welcome!

Bring your hang drum, ceremonial drum, flute, or simply bring your voice

  • Acoustic and indigenous instrument of all kinds are welcome (no amps or cords)

  • Group and individual performances can be spontaneous as total creativity is encouraged daily during workshop hours

  • Peer mentoring is absolutely encouraged

  • Welcome the sunrises and sunsets alone with your instrument or with a friend- the choice is yours

Join us as we learn to channel the rhythm of our hearts and experience the wondrous healing power of music, sacred medicine, and vibration.