tranquil seaside exploration

We offer private short and extended-stay exploration for those who want a more personalized, one-on-one encounter. Connecting to spirit is a very personal experience and for some, should be experienced in a safe and supported setting without crowds or competing interests.

Private Exploration

Personalized Encounter

Our exploration session is tailored to your preference of a more indoor setting or immersed in nature.


Our sessions focus on deep integration and daily mindfulness practices that cultivate balance, calm, and renewal.  

Bring a Guest for 50% off

We're committed to more affordable access. Bring your partner, family, or close friend and save! DPS members save even more.

Schedule at your convenience

We believe that our flexible private sessions are the safest and most affordable option in our post COVID world.

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Best Features:

  • Easy, flexible booking

  • No retreat crowds

  • Covid-compliant facilities

  • One-on-one attention

  • Plenty of free time to explore

  • 50% off guest discount