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Private Exploration
psilocybin-supported wellness

We realize that not every psychedelic explorer is looking for therapy services so we offer private, flexible-stay exploration focused on reconnection, renewal, and regeneration. Our personalized, one-on-one encounters offer a safe and supported setting without crowds, noise, or competing interests.

Personalized Encounter

Private self-exploration sessions are tailored to first-time seekers as well as seasoned psychonauts.


Our sessions focus on purposeful exploration and the practices that cultivate balance, calm, and renewal.  

Bring a Guest for 50% off

Wellness starts at home so we're committed to fostering healthy relationships. Bring your partner, family, or close friend and save!

Schedule at your convenience

We believe that our flexible private sessions are the safest and most affordable option in our post COVID world.

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Best Features:

  • Easy, flexible booking

  • No retreat crowds

  • Covid-compliant facilities

  • One-on-one attention

  • Plenty of free time to explore