There is no one-size-fits-all approach to mental health management so we offer personalized , one-on-one private sessions in safe and supported settings with qualified mental health professionals. Whether you're looking for help with end-of-life transition fears, depression, anxiety, or trauma release we are here to help you!

Personalized Encounters

Private, focused psilocybin sessions for individuals, couples, and families can facilitate years of personal progress in days.

Professional Clinicians

 Our qualified professionals work with you using cutting-edge therapeutic interventions to create lasting change and transformation.

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Wellness starts at home so we're committed to fostering healthy relationships. Bring your partner or family member and save!

Schedule at your convenience

Our private mental health and wellness sessions are available when you want for maximum convenience.


Best Features:

  • Easy, flexible booking

  • No retreat crowds

  • 100% legal access

  • One-on-one attention

  • Short or Extended Stay 

Details & Booking

Which direction suits you best?

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Trauma Recovery Therapy

  • Psychedelic Psychotherapy

  • A clinical approach using cutting-edge techniques like "brain-spotting" rooted in modern science.

Michael Henry

Michel is a certified Systemic Couples & Family Psychotherapist with a private practice on the island. He specializes in "brain-spotting" techniques and has extensive experience from the UK working with trauma recovery, troubled youths, challenging family dynamics, and much more. 

Holistic Therapy Exploration

  • Self-discovery and reconnection

  • A holistic therapy approach using mindfulness techniques rooted in Sophrology 

Benedicte Mannix

Benedicte, a student of Rogerian therapy, has a humanistic approach emphasizing an unconditional positive regard for her clients. She specializes in Sophrology and childhood trauma recovery. She is also an experienced psilocybin facilitator and Risk Reduction specialist.

End Of Life Services

  • Psychedelic Death Doula Services

  • A compassionate, practical and ultimately joyful approach to end-of life anxiety and transition challenges

headshot 2021.jpg
Catherine Robinson

Catherine, a graduate of The University of Vermont's End-Of-Life Doula Program, has experience leading Jewish, Catholic, Buddhist, and humanistic death rituals in her private practice, Anitya Doula Services. She is also an experienced trip sitter for clients using psilocybin to help with end-of-life anxiety.

What We Offer

Your session(s) include:

  • Participation health review

  • Preparation guidance

  • Sacred medicine(s)

  • Qualified support for your session

  • Professional mental health and integration counseling

  • Comfortable accommodations

  • Two meals per day

  • Roundtrip airport transportation


3-nights /4-days

  1. ARRIVAL DAY. Check in 3-6 p.m. Dinner.

  2. MEDICINE DAY. Brunch, Fasting, and preparation for sunset psilocybin exploration.

  3. INTEGRATION DAY. Brunch, Integration, Free time, and Dinner.

  4. DEPARTURE DAY. Breakfast. Check out by noon.

Want to extend your stay?

No problem - We can add extra nights of accommodations - just let us know when you request your preferred dates below.

5-nights /6-days

  1. ARRIVAL DAY. Check in 3-6 p.m. Dinner.

  2. MEDICINE DAY. Brunch, Fasting, and preparation for sunset psilocybin exploration.

  3. INTEGRATION DAY. Brunch, Integration, Free time, and Dinner.

  4. MEDICINE DAY. Brunch, Fasting, and preparation for sunset sacred medicine exploration.

  5. EXCURSION/INTEGRATION DAY. Early Covid testing, Brunch, YS Falls/Free Time, Dinner.

  6. DEPARTURE DAY. Breakfast. Check out by noon.

Doranja House 

All our sacred medicine exploration and integration activities are conducted on site at Doranja House in Treasure Beach. Doranja offers comfortable rooms with private bathrooms. All rooms have air conditioning and beds are equipped with mosquito nets if you prefer the ocean breeze.

Bring A Guest for 50% Off

DPS members can bring a support person, spouse, partner, or close family member for 50% off.