Are you Ready for a Deeper Journey?

The challenge-dose psychedelic experience has been a part of human rites of passage, celebration, and spiritual exploration reaching back through time.

Our Psychonauts Sessions offer challenge-dosing sacred mushroom encounters for those seeking a deeper look into the profound mysteries of existence, life, death, and consciousness itself.

_Psychedelic exploration dream state_

A Personal Challenge

This potentially life-changing experience on the edge of the sea is carefully crafted to challenge, support, and uplift your self-exploration journey to new levels of surrender and discovery.

If you are in good physical, mental, and emotional health and think you're ready for a breakthrough psilocybin encounter, this gathering is for you! 

A Better World starts with a Better Human

Our collective future depends on rapid transformation of human consciousness and a deeper commitment to understanding nature's mysteries.


Journey with us as we surf and map the hyper-dimensional realms together!