sacred medicine EXPLORATION

We hold that sacred medicine exploration is a natural, biological right and should be safe, affordable and available to anyone who seeks it. If you'd like to explore the therapeutic benefits of purposeful sacred medicine exploration in a community setting, we invite you to join us.   

Sacred medicine Participation

Pre-Participation Health Review

We're invested in providing you with a safe and maximally beneficial experience. As such, we take care to examine your physical and mental health history as well as any potential for contraindications with prescribed medications or other drugs and supplements that you may be taking - before you book. 


All participants in entheogen-related activities are required to complete our free pre-participation health review. We'll ask you to fill out a confidential questionnaire followed by a personal phone call where we review any relevant health history, answer questions, and learn more about your purpose. This review also allows us to evaluate the suitability of your chosen event's set and setting, and the level of support provided. 

DPS sacred medicine offerings are designed for generally well people seeking a self-exploration encounter with experienced guides in a safe and supported setting. We do not typically provide on-site clinical or therapy support. Some of our partner retreats and events may offer their own clinical or therapy support. If you're looking for help with mental health issues we recommend that you seek out programs with the appropriate level of support for your situation.

Your safety, comfort, and trust are important to us!