sacred medicine EXPLORATION

We think sacred medicine exploration should be affordable and available to anyone who seeks it. If you're ready to explore the therapeutic benefits of purposeful and intentional sacred medicine exploration, we invite you to inquire about membership. Please view participation policy below.  

Sacred medicine Participation

Your safety, comfort, and trust are important to us!

We're invested in providing our members with safe guided self-exploration encounters in a caring and supported environment. As such, we follow best practices to help ensure a beneficial experience. Sacred medicines are not for everyone. We take care to examine your physical and mental health history, expected outcomes, and suitability in order to best support your spiritual journey.

All members participating in any entheogen-related services are required to complete a confidential physical / mental health questionnaire followed by a personal phone call. Our Confidential Participation Questionnaire allows us to evaluate any contraindications and to make an informed assessment of potential support that may be required for your journey. During our phone session we review your details, answer questions, learn about your purpose and general suitability for the experience.