sacred medicine EXPLORATION

DPS members enjoy the most affordable sacred medicine exploration available in Jamaica. If you're ready to explore the therapeutic benefits of purposeful and intentional psilocybin use, we invite you to join us. We offer private, flexible sessions with experienced medicine guides all year around. Members receive priority access to our upcoming DPS Sacred Medicine Center

SAcred Medicine Participation

We're invested in providing our members with safe guided self-exploration experiences in a caring and supported environment. As such, we follow best practices to help ensure a beneficial experience. Sacred medicine experiences are not for everyone. We take care to examine your physical and mental health history, expected outcomes, and suitability in order to best support your spiritual journey.


All members participating in any entheogen-related services are required to complete a physical / mental health questionnaire. Our confidential participation questionnaire allows us to evaluate potential contraindications and to make an informed assessment of any additional support that may be required for your experience. During your phone interview we review your details, answer questions, learn about your purpose, and discuss the most beneficial approach.

Your safety, comfort, and trust are important to us!

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    Experience Jamaica in a whole new way on our unique microdosing tours and nature hikes. Take in the natural beauty and healing that only Jamaica can provide and see life from a Rasta point of view.

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    Private exploratory sessions for individuals or couples that include preparation guidance, support during your journey, and follow-up integration services to ensure a maximally beneficial experience. 

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    annual gathering

    Join us for an overnight seaside psilocybin exploration at our annual members-only gatherings designed to reinforce our commitment to fair, affordable, and equitable access for all in a safe and legal space. 

  • COTDIA sacred

    MEDICINE event

    We've dedicated a special place to the healing of The Children of the African Diaspora. Our intent is to help neutralize the toxic effects of colonialism, racism, and generational self-neglect for people of color.

  • Mycology


    Considering mushrooms for food, or medicine, or ecological remediation? Join us to learn the fundamentals of mushroom cultivation in this unique 3-day Mycology Workshop hosted in Jamaica.



    A rare opportunity to experience and learn the sacramental preparation and use of multiple DMT-containing sacred medicines at our Cultural and Educational Exchange certificate workshop hosted in Brazil.

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