Scott Howard

Earthen Hand Natural Building

Scott Howard is an ecological designer, consultant, teacher, and artisan builder. Scott has brought forward-thinking eco-building and art designs to life since 1999. Scott formed the company Earthen Hand Natural Building in 2002 to improve our human ecology by promoting eco-building, eco-art, and Permaculture design principles. 


Scott has taught hundreds of students in many locations around the world through Earthen Hand workshops. He has completed dozens of eco-buildings including some of the first earthbag structures in Thailand, Puerto Rico, Mali, Jamaica, and Oregon State as well as the first Nubian vault in Colorado State. He designed and lead the building of 'The Regenerative Home', a structure that fulfills all off-grid basic needs including water, power, heat, food, waste processing, safety, and durability.

He began his journey toward eco-building through academic study of cultures as well as human ecology. Scott realized that the extreme degradation of Earth's ecology is directly linked to human culture and the choices we make. After years of studying cultural anthropology, he chose to dedicate his life to natural building as a movement to create positive changes in human culture that will in turn improve how humans see themselves as participants in the community of all life on Earth.