Spirit Molecule Workshop

Shamanic Cultural Exchange

We're excited to present our upcoming educational 'Spirit Molecule' Workshops.

Please check back with us for more information coming soon.

We'll study and explore the shamanic traditions of the ayahuasca-making process including the sacramental preparation of:

  • Ayahuasca - Chacruna Leaf and Mariri vine

  • Anahuasca - Mimosa Hostilis Root bark (Jurema) and Mariri vine

  • Changa - DMT extract made from Mimosa Hositilis Root bark (Jurema) mixed with aromatic herbs

  • Jungle Spice - DMT acid/base extraction from Mimosa Hostilis Root bark (Jurema)


Learn, prepare, and experience DMT 

This is a rare and sacred time that will be spent in reflection and presence as we learn the sacred alchemy and experience the many forms of DMT.

Coming Soon