SUPPOrT our Efforts

  Your gift directly supports free and low-cost services to our local Jamaican communities, veterans, and the most vulnerable. You can apply your support to particular projects if you like.  


Free Training for Jamaican Professionals

Support our efforts to include Jamaican clinicians, therapists and counselors in psilocybin-assisted therapies.

Microdosing psilocybin mushrooms

Free microdosing and community wellness

Help us provide free microdosing products and professional counseling services for local Jamaicans.


Free Eco-Training for Jamaican Youth

Support our local Work Exchange Program to help facilitate free eco-training for Jamaican youth.

Support DPS FARM

We're continually exploring new sustainable solutions that promote self-sufficiency and trade within the community. We test our ideas, build solutions, practice and teach everything we do through our Work Exchange Program.

Work Exchange Program

Supporting DPS Farm directly contributes to our Work Exchange Program where anyone who otherwise couldn't afford access to legal psilocybin-supported therapies can receive free supported psilocybin exploration and integration services in exchange for working on the farm. 

Sponsor a Work Exchange Visitor

If you're interested in sponsoring a friend or someone else in need for a week or an extended stay at DPS Farm, let us know!

Help us build The DPS Center

We'll soon be breaking ground on our new sacred medicine center and ecovillage dedicated to long term psychedelic wellness. The DPS Sacred Medicine Center is our 100% sustainable facility that fuses ancient building techniques and forward-thinking sustainability with cutting-edge psychedelic therapies.

DPS Sacred Medicine Center Services

We embrace an integrative approach that focuses on the healing modalities that support sustained recovery and health.

  • Drug Interruption Program

  • Veteran's Mental Health

  • Depression and Anxiety Clinic

  • Trauma Recovery Program

  • Dietary Detox and Reset

  • Collaborative Psychedelic Research 

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