We welcome locals and international work exchange visitors

We offer two work exchange opportunities:

Jamaican Youth Training Program

We host projects that aim to provide knowledge and expose Jamaican youth to all aspects of alternative building technology. Our work exchange programs focus on natural building, permaculture design, water retention landscape design, aircrete technology, and more. Youth volunteers will also be exposed to capacity-building skills like cooperative social interaction and project design and management. Priority is given to Jamaican youth who have demonstrated academic excellence or community service.  

International Work Exchange

International volunteers are invited to participate all year around according to our building schedule. These opportunities are open to a limited number of international work-traders per year and require a minimum 10-day commitment. 

We offer FREE DPS LifeTime membership along with free sustainable building experience to international work exchange visitors who are willing to house and feed themselves locally during their stay. We are happy to help you arrange local lodging that averages approximately $50 USD per day. This can be an affordable and unique way to get this kind of training.  

Work exchange tasks may include:

  • Assisting with permaculture projects

  • Making supply runs to town

  • Brush clearing and trail maintenance 

  • Assisting with construction projects 

  • Tending to landscapes and gardens

  • Making community/recycling runs

  • Construction of paths and structures

  • Infrastructure maintenance

  • AirCrete block manufacturing

  • Practical design, building basics, and more

What Else...

We are currently giving preference to those who are actively exploring LifeTime membership and/or training who can accommodate themselves locally.

For those who join our building workshops we offer the opportunity to take part in psilocybin microdosing and limited sacred medicine exploration at no cost. 

One meal will be provided onsite at the conclusion of each workday and as our building project develops we'll be offering our onsite eco-lodging to work exchange participants.


If you have any particular skills or talents that may be useful to our projects, we'd love to chat with you!

Work exchange

Join us in building our Sacred Medicine Center!

Are you interested in a work exchange opportunity? We're offering the chance to participate in the building of our sacred medicine center in Jamaica. Work exchange visitors will learn about natural building techniques and off-grid sustainability as we build our dedicated sacred medicine spaces, eco-lodging, workshop facilities, community recreational areas, and more. 

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