Work exchange

You Grow, We Grow.

  If the high cost of legal psilocybin-supported healing has got you down, then we invite you to participate in our Work Exchange Program! This is an opportunity to take part in free microdosing and weekly donation-only sacred medicine sessions while learning about organic farming practices, sustainable solutions for self-sufficient living, and more. 

Work at an organic farm Mon.-Fri. and get psilocybin-supported exploration and integration services on the weekends in exchange for any donation you can afford.

Working from 10 to 4 at the farm leaves time to balance the day with personal wellness practices like meditation, journal keeping, and reflection.

At the farm.

Everyone is invited to help us on our many  projects but since we're at the beginning stages, anyone with a handy skillset that might be useful for the farm is especially welcomed to apply. Come help us build our initial structures like chicken coops, goat shelters, storage and workshop spaces, fencing, and anything else happening at the farm. Become a part of a community that's creating and building sustainable solutions from the ground up!


Upcoming projects and learning opportunities

  • The Farm Process - Seed starting, season extension, soil preparation, planting, tending, harvesting, and Farmers Market sales

  • Waste-to-Energy Programs that create value-added products that improve Jamaica's environmental sustainability

  • Animal Farming - Humane care-taking for cattle, goats, pigs, and chickens 

  • Permaculture and organic farming practices

  • Compost Tea/Extract and organic fertilizer production

The Power of Community

We harness the power of community to offset the high cost of psilocybin exploration in Jamaica. Stay with us for a month for about the cost of a typical psilocybin-assisted retreat. 

While we build our structures, and onsite farm accommodations, we've created an affordable package for you at our seaside location. 

Hands holding out psilocybin mushrooms as a gift

Affordable weekly rates

Presently all Work Exchange participants are accommodated at our Covid-compliant seaside location, Doranja House, in Treasure Beach. Shuttle service to and from the farm on workdays is included and two meals are served per day. Spend your evenings relaxing and unwinding on the beach, connecting with other participants, and interacting with your friendly hosts.

Work exchange tasks may include:

  • Assisting with permaculture projects

  • Making supply runs to town

  • Brush clearing and trail maintenance 

  • Assisting with construction projects 

  • Tending to crops and gardens

  • Making community/recycling runs

  • Construction of paths and structures

  • Infrastructure maintenance

  • AirCrete block manufacturing

  • Practical design, building basics, and more


What Else...

- This program is designed to offset the usual high cost of sacred medicine exploration while fostering community and skills-sharing.


- A health and prescription medication screening as well as a personal phone interview is the first part of ensuring suitability and physical/mental fitness for the program especially for those considering sacred medicine exploration.

- Microdosing is available at the farm for those who are interested. All weekend sacred medicine exploration and integration activities are conducted at Doranja House.


Doranja House

Weekly Rates - 7 Nights

Member's Discount

Individual Private Room

$1,400 /wk 

    $100 /wk 

Member's Price

 $1,300 /wk 

Double Occupancy /Each

Member's Discount

Member's Price /Each

$1,050 /wk 

    $75 /wk 

   $975 /wk 

Your accommodations at our seaside location, include a private room and en suite bathroom with air-conditioning, fans, and beds equipped with mosquito nets, if you prefer the gentle ocean breeze. 


  • Airport pick-up and drop-off

  • Breakfast and dinner at Doranja House daily 

  • Roundtrip transportation to and from dps farm on workdays  

COVID notice

Jamaica has developed an extensive suite of measures to ensure the highest levels of health safety for visitors, tourism workers and local communities. From the formation of tourism "Resilient Corridors" that are governed by a strictly enforced set of compliance protocols for hospitality establishments to "Travel Authorizations" and Covid testing for all incoming passengers, their procedures are fast becoming the 'new normal' for travel to the island. To make it easy we've compiled the most relevant information for you on our FAQ page ​

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