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DPS requires all professional affiliates and service providers to agree to the following codes of conduct in order to be involved in any collaboration project development, partnership, co-branding, or advertising of clinics, workshops, events, or retreats listings.


Clinicians, Event Leaders & Facilitators
  1. All clinicians are required to be licensed in their respective field or: have worked in a clinical trial of psychedelics in the role of a therapist or guide or: be an authorized tribal/indigenous representative. Facilitators, event organizers, retreat/event/workshop leaders, and support staff are not required to be licensed but must agree to our Code of Conduct. 

  2. Providers are selected based on a personal interaction with DPS, professional references, and web/social media search (website, employment/practice, social media, etc.). 

  3. All provider advertising and social media postings should be aligned with DPS’s mission, values, and ethics. 

  4. Professional references may be collected and contacted as part of the application process.

Maintaining Quality Providers/Services

Providers will not:

  1. Abuse, malign, disrespect, or violate the sanctity of any DPS participants' mind, body, or person in any way. Any reports of abuse or neglect are fully investigated and referred to local and international law enforcement for review.

  2. Administer or work with individuals who administer illegal substances with the intent of undergoing drug-assisted therapies.

  3. Partake in any illegal or unethical actions specified under a professional license. 

  4. Distribute or administer illegal substances to anyone!

Providers may:

Withdraw participation, affiliation, or partnership with DPS at any time except while under contract, mid-retreat, event, workshop, clinic, or class, or when withdrawal creates a situation of abandonment, endangerment, or neglect of any project participants, service providers, or support staff.

DPS may:

Withdraw participation, affiliation, or partnership with any collaboration project leader, clinician, shamanic healer, facilitator, service provider, or other professional at any time, for any reason except in cases where doing so creates danger or unsafe conditions for anyone.

Failure to follow our professional code of conduct will result in immediate termination of any and all interaction, and removal from all co-branding or other advertising affiliation.

DPS encourages both positive and negative feedback through our website's Contact Page. All negative feedback relative to clinicians, facilitators, or our programs is reviewed thoroughly. Reasons for negative feedback could include:

  1. Unsatisfactory therapeutic services

  2. Inappropriate or unethical behavior

  3. Unprofessional public behavior

  4. Any action not aligned with a provider’s professional license

  5. Breaking terms of the code of conduct

  6. Any other reason not listed here

  7. Non-responsiveness or untimely communication of staff/providers

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