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We are a psychedelic community with roots in Africa, the Americas, and across the Caribbean. We view sacred medicine use as a biological right for the exploration of existence, celebration of life,  and furthering the reality of healthy, peaceful, and balanced living in this world. 


OUR 7 Core Principles

I.  Collaboration Over Competition

We foster collaboration across the psychedelic spectrum. 

II.  Community Building 

Personal, family, and community wholeness is our goal.

III.  Medicine as a Way of Life

Sacred medicine use is valid as part of a healthy lifestyle.

IV. A Place of Bridges Between Communities

We embrace practices that cut across ideology to unite. 

V. Dedicated to Constructively Disrupting the Norm

We embrace new paradigms that legitimize responsible psychedelic use.

VI.  A Commitment to Nature and Restorative Practices

    We are stewards who find solutions in the blueprint provided by nature.

VII. The Responsibility of Intentional Medicine Use

Medicine use is a sacred act and is treated as such.


  • Honor indigenous sacred medicine healing practices, traditions, and rights

  • Bring together community partners and resources in a collaborative manner to support society goals

  • To be a resource for those seeking conscious, self-directed health and wellness  

  • Offer safe, inclusive, and more equitable access to psilocybin and DMT-supported wellness 

  • Facilitate legal, guided self-exploration sessions with qualified integration counseling 

  • Implement strategies to directly support the well-being of our members, the Jamaican people, and our world


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