• Honor the sacred medicine healing traditions at the heart of the psychedelic movement

  • Bring together community partners and resources in a collaborative manner to support society goals

  • To be a resource for those seeking conscious, self-directed health and wellness  

  • Offer safe, affordable, and equitable access for all eligible members 

  • Facilitate legal, guided self-exploration sessions with qualified integration counseling 

  • Implement strategies to directly support the well-being of our members, the Jamaican people, and our world

our team

Advisory Board


dr. Mark Braunstein


Medical Director


DR. Sa'ed Al-Olimat

Doctor of Pharmacy


Dr. julia Mirer

Psychedelic Consultant
Research Coordinator

Scott Howard

Project Management 

Eco-Building Consultant 

OUR 7 Core Principles

 I.  Democratization of the Sacred Medicine Experience 

Safe, affordable exploration should be available to all who seek it. 

II.  Community Building 

Personal and community wholeness and resilience is our goal.

III.  Medicine as a Way of Life

We promote sacred medicine wellness as part of a healthy lifestyle.

IV. A Place of Bridges Between Communities

We support and work with those who journey and those who do not. 

V. A Mission of Service

We create programs that change lives for the better.

VI.  A Commitment to Nature and Restorative Practices

    We are stewards who find solutions in the blueprint provided by nature.

VII. The Responsibility of Intentional Medicine Use

Medicine use is a sacred act and is treated as such.

We are an international psychedelic society dedicated to supporting personal healing and the daily practices that transform lives. We explore the full potential of psychedelics in furthering the reality of healthy, peaceful, and balanced living in this world. 

ways you can GET INVOLVED

Work Exchange

We have a number of work exchange and volunteer opportunities available in exchange for low to no cost psilocybin-supported exploration. 


We offer three affordable membership plans including a lifetime membership option. Memberships can be gifted to a friend or loved one at any time.


If you'd like to contribute to the building of the DPS Sacred Medicine Center or sponsor a visitor - we welcome your support. 

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