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DPS is committed to protecting your personal information and providing you with a safe online experience. We value your privacy and our role in protecting your personal data. We pledge not to share any of the information you provide with anyone outside of Diaspora Psychedelic Society.


All information shared within the organization and its forums are considered to be confidential between members and self-initiated based on their personal levels of trust. We pledge not to flood your inbox with emails. Please check our site regularly for information updates. 

What information do we collect?

Upon signing up to become a subscriber or site member we collect:

  • First name

  • Last Name

  • Email address

  • Mobile number (optional)

Once you're a site member you can edit your personal information and choose to make your profile public to our community Members Forum, or keep it private. Profiles kept private are not listed on the Members page and cannot engage in forum conversations. 

How we use personal information

The personal information provided to us on the Sign Up form is used for only two purposes:

  • Communicate with our members

  • Understand the demographic of our member community

NOTE: If you choose to participate in services or activities that include psilocybin or other nature-based entheogens we will ask you to complete a confidential participation questionnaire as part of a health pre-screening process required to ensure a safe and maximally beneficial experience. Your Confidential Participation  Questionnaire is only shared with the professional conducting your pre-screening and the medicine person(s) guiding you.  

Removing personal information

An individual (member) can request the removal of his or her personal information from Diaspora Psychedelic Society's database by submitting an email to requesting removal using the email address associated with your membership.

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