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psychedelic end-of-life doula program

1. end-of-life Doula Certificate

End-Of-Life Doula caregiver

Are you interested in the compassionate, yet practical craft of an end-of-life doula? Join us for an in-depth view into the role and scope of a death doula in 8 virtual classes. You'll learn how to provide unconditional positive regard and nonjudgmental support for your clients.  


If you would like to get registered with the US National End-Of-Life Doula Alliance, we'll pay for your Proficiency Assessment credentialing exam!

2. psychedelic PROfessional certificate

screened hammock tents set up in the outdoor medicine space at Doranja House

If you're a certified death doula, or other end-of-life professional ready to learn how to hold space and facilitate psilocybin experiences for your clients, we invite you to join us in Jamaica for 6 days/5 nights of legal experiential psilocybin facilitator training.

Not an end-of-life professional?

We welcome clinicians, wellness, and other professionals seeking the same knowledge. 

Are you interested in becoming one?

Join our September doula certification cohort and meet other students going to Jamaica.

save $250 when you sign up for both!


psilocybin facilitator training

  • Discover the transformative power of psilocybin experiences for end-of-life care. Research has shown that psilocybin-assisted therapy can provide relief from end-of-life anxiety and depression.

  • Our experiential psilocybin facilitator training is designed for those interested in learning while experiencing the profound effects and benefits that psilocybin can offer their clients.

  • You'll learn the five key points of facilitating psychedelic experiences and undergo two of your own psilocybin 'journeys' to fully understand the kind of support your clients will need and what to expect.

  • You'll gain valuable personal insight into how to facilitate psilocybin and support your end-of-life clients to find joy, peace and acceptance.

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  1. Psychedelics Overview.

  2. Working with the Medicine. 

  3. Ethical and Legal Considerations.

  4. The Preparation Process.

  5. The Integration Process.

CertificatE OF Completion

All participants who complete our experiential Psilocybin Facilitator Training in Jamaica designed for end-of-life professionals will receive a Certificate of Completion.

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What students are saying

"What a truly beautiful experience! I could not be happier that I chose Diaspora for my death doula training (online) as well as training in psychedelic assisted therapy at end-of-life (Jamaica). For anyone considering this work I highly recommend Diaspora."

~ Julie. Training participant October 2023

EOL Team

psychedelic training team



Doranja House, a B&B located on the south side of the island, was the first hospitality establishment in Jamaica to embrace the magic of the mushrooms and host psilocybin retreats regularly. In the last decade Doreen Gordon and her family have served dozens of retreats and hundreds of participants. Their knowldege and experience is evident in their level of care. 

Doranja House offers comfortable air-conditioned rooms with en-suite bathrooms. Tucked away in a small community, this tranquil setting has a private path to the beach.

other Details
  • Sacred Medicine Participation Health Review

  • 60 min. private virtual preparation before coming to Jamaica

  • 60 min. group virtual preparation to meet your facilitators before coming to Jamaica

  • Professional preparation and guidance

  • Professional support during sessions

  • Professional integration counseling

  • Sea-side accommodations, on-site meals

  • Airport and local transportation

  • 60 min. private virtual integration follow-up

  • 60 min. group virtual integration follow-up

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Per Person

10% LifeTime Member's Discount

Transferable (Non-Refundable)

Per Person


Save $250 when you sign up for both!


Our Booking Process


This triggers our ticket registration and Sacred Medicine Participation Health Review protocol. We'll ask you to answer a simple online questionnaire, allow us to review the medications and supplements that you listed and, if there are no presenting concerns, connect you with the lead facilitator for a more personal call.

Join us and embark on a life-changing journey of self-discovery and professional growth.

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