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Answers to common questions and other useful details  

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How to Subscribe, Sign Up and/or become a LifeTime Member
SUBSCRIBERS: There are three types of "subscribers" to our website.

  1. You can Sign Up for a regular member account granting you access to the general members area and the booking process. 

  2. You can become a LifeTime member for a one time fee to access discounts and support our local community initiatives.

  3. You can keep it simple and just subscribe to our mailing list without creating a member account.


MAILING LIST:  To join our mailing list and automatically receive periodic updates from DPS you can use the "Subscribe" button located in the footer of our website, or one of our "pop-up" opportunities. Joining our mailing list will not create a member account. To create a member account please use the Sign Up feature described below.

SIGN UP: You can create a free member account by using the "Log In/Sign Up" button in the main menu of our website, or click here. You will automatically be added to our email list as a subscriber unless you opt out by unchecking the box when you sign up. With a free member account you are welcome to participate in society activities. To be eligible for participating vendor discounts, members only pricing, access to members-only events and our private Members Forum, you'll need to purchase a LifeTime membership.


You can become a LifeTime member for a one-time payment of $149 on our Join Us page. You'll be prompted to Log In or Sign Up to our site in order to complete the checkout. Participating in society activities is not required and you can cancel at any time. We are very grateful for your support, and thank you for helping us donate to Jamaica's Resilient Farmers Program.

Sacred Medicine Participation

Retreat Booking Process


Cancellation Policy

Retreats, & Training Programs. 

In the event something changes and you want to cancel your participation - no problem. We can apply all funds paid to date to another date or activity of your choice for up to a year. If you prefer to receive a refund please see Refunds below.

Collaboration Retreats, Workshops & Training Programs.

We collaborate with other organizations to bring you more unique exploration and training experiences. These collaboration offerings may have their own booking, cancellation and refund policies - Please review your chosen activity's webpage for the details, or just ask us!


If you cancel your reservation: 

  1. The total deposit required for your booking is not refundable, but can be transferred for full credit to a later date or another DPS offering.

  2. If you cancel your participation at least 90 days before the scheduled start date of your booking, any amount paid above the total required deposit amount is refundable.

  3. If you cancel less than 90 days before the scheduled start date of your booking, only 50% of funds paid above the total required deposit amount is refundable.

Covid Notice

Jamaica has officially eliminated all Covid related protocols.

What are the potential benefits of sacred medicine/psychedelic experiences?

Sacred medicines are useful tools that combined with qualified professional guidance before during and after the experience have shown tremendous results in treating conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more. Understanding the process of personal growth, the insights gained, and having a framework of reference (i.e. spiritual practice, life philosophy or religious beliefs, etc.) to integrate it into your practical life are key components to maximizing the therapeutic benefits of these magnificent tools. Purposeful sacred medicine use is a very personal journey, often described as being among the most significant spiritual experiences one can have. A sacred medicine exploration experience can be a profoundly healing one, particularly for people who have experienced mental ill health, psychological trauma, or facing end-of-life challenges. It can also be a way to unlock creativity or stifled potential. Modern research is proving the usefulness of these psychedelic experiences in facilitating deep personal transformation, remediation of mental health issues, and a profound sense of well-being.

Are sacred medicines safe?

Sacred medicines and substances with psycho-active properties have been used across the globe for physical and spiritual healing for millennia. They are generally considered safe both psychologically and physiologically however, there are some important considerations to take into account. These medicines with psycho-active properties affect everyone differently based on the set and setting as well as a person’s own biology/physiology. For your safety we employ a screening process requiring every participant to answer some mental/physical health related questions as part of the booking process. We review your answers and discuss your details further during your welcome call. This helps ensure that your situation is a good fit for sacred medicine exploration and that there are no potential conflicts with any prescribed medications you may be taking or your health history.

Psilocybin, the psycho-active substance in sacred mushrooms is non-addictive, non-toxic, and when taken responsibly in a safe, comfortable and supported setting, have little to no risk. Scientific research has shown that the benefits from consuming psilocybin are quite remarkable. For over 15 years the Johns Hopkins Psychedelic Research Unit has been the preeminent and most productive research team in the United States. They have shown breathtaking scientific productivity, having published more than 50 peer-reviewed manuscripts on psychedelics, including 15 published laboratory studies. To learn more about psychedelics please visit our Resources Blog.

Are there any preparation or integration guidelines?


  1. The first step in preparation is our free physical / mental  health pre-screening process. Our in-depth questionnaire is designed to facilitate a self-assessment where you take a personal inventory of yourself, your relationships, your aspirations versus accomplishments in life, and what you would like to overcome or change about it. During your pre-screening phone call we'll address any concerns you might have and evaluate the best approach for your situation. After your pre-screening phone call you'll feel comfortable going forward with a purpose. If your particular situation is not suitable for sacred medicine exploration in our set and setting it will be revealed through this process and we may be able to recommend alternatives.

  2. To get the most out of a psilocybin exploration session, preparing yourself physically and mentally is important. If your intake phone call revealed areas that are particularly challenging or of concern to you, here's where you'll begin to apply the suggestions given as a practice. Modifying your diet for the preceding week to refrain from drinking alcohol, eating a lot of meat, and even sexual activity are some of the ways you can prepare physically. Journaling or other creative outlets, meditating and other mindfulness exercises are some of the ways you can prepare mentally.

  3. The day of your experience your facilitator/medicine person will review useful mindfulness exercises as preparation prior to your experience and serve your needs and general well-being during your guided self-exploration journey. 

  4. Fasting for 6 hours is required prior to ingesting psilocybin mushrooms. On medicine days we typically serve a hearty brunch, begin exploration around sunset, and serve a post-medicine soup and/or light fare around midnight before you return to your room for the night. 

  5. All psilocybin exploration sessions include integration discussions the following morning to review your experience, discuss any details you would like to address, and help you map out a path with personalized "exercises" designed to help you facilitate new habits and the change you want to implement. 

  6. After your experience with us we can provide ongoing follow-up integration counseling services as needed for an additional fee. Whether you prefer to continue with the same integration person that helped you with your experience, or you would like to work with another qualified professional collaborating with our organization is up to you. Schedule and pay as you go for your private follow-up counseling - in-person if you're local, or if not via WhatsApp or Zoom phone/video conferencing.

I have some questions, how can I best reach you in Jamaica?

We are always available to answer your questions. To initiate communication please use the Contact Form on our website. If you prefer to communicate via WhatsApp, please let us know and include your contact number. If you have already connected with us via WhatsApp, feel free to send a direct message. If you don't already use WhatsApp, we recommend downloading it to your phone before travelling internationally - it's an excellent way to communicate across borders for free using local WiFi. 

Where and when do the sacred medicine explorations take place?

Our guided sacred medicine explorations can take place in different settings onsite at Doranja House, your accommodations. Choose a setting outside in nature or indoors with the privacy and comfort of your room - with or without eye coverings. Your facilitator(s) and/or assistant(s) attend your needs during your psilocybin journey to ensure a safe experience. We provide screened hammock 'tents' and vinyl covered foam cushions for your comfort in outdoor settings as well as plenty of water. Our psilocybin sessions are typically scheduled as evening explorations commencing around sunset (5:30-6 pm) and finishing before midnight; however, an early morning session starting at sunrise is also option.  

What dosage of sacred medicine will I be receiving?

During your confidential health review conversation we'll consider your prior experience, preference if any, recent prescription medications, physical/mental health concerns and related history in order to determine what the best approach is for your situation. As a reference, a dose of 3.5 grams has been assessed as an average starting dose for typical patients in clinical settings.  

Do you offer private group events?

Yes. We currently offer private sessions to individuals, couples, and small groups. We also collaborate with qualified sacred medicine professionals to host their clients using our infrastructure and logistical support in Jamaica. If you're interested in a small private group event please request your dates for private exploration sessions or contact us. If you're interested in collaborating please visit our Collaboration page.

How do I get to the event/accommodations?

We provide roundtrip airport transportation from Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay If you prefer to fly in to Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston instead, we can arrange it for an additional fee. If you're already on the island and don't require transportation, we'll give you the details you need to find us.

Will my personal information be confidential?


  1. All members' personal information and participation questionnaires are considered confidential and stored securely with restricted access in a google forms vault.

  2. By default, your payment details are not stored; however, you can elect to store your card information in your DPS members account. DPS does not have access to any debit or credit card information, period.

  3. All memberships and online courses purchased through our website are processed and stored by PayPal.

  4. All other payments for private exploration services, training programs, retreats and events are processed and stored by Intuit

  5. Please view our Privacy Policy for more information.


Why do you ask for an emergency contact?

This is standard procedure for participation. As with most tours, excursions, adventure activities, or sporting events, participants are required to sign a waiver of liability and provide some personal information including an emergency contact. Please choose a person close to you who is open-minded about psychedelics and who knows that you are attending this event. 

Will I need to sign a liability waiver?

Yes. This is standard procedure for all participation in any society activities. As with most tours, excursions, sporting events, or adventure activities, participants are required to read, agree to, and sign our Participation Agreement & Liability Waiver. Follow this link to open our online version. You can print the a .pdf version by scrolling down the page to the "The Participant's Statement" section. You'll see a check box and a link to the pdf file.

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