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Supporting the Global Psychedelic Community

Our collaboration projects serve like-minded professionals and organizations by providing complete custom retreat infrastructure in the legally-protected space that is Jamaica.

We provide a range of infrastructure and support services for researchers, psychedelic societies, event organizers, and more. We see to every detail so you can focus on offering a truly remarkable experience for your attendees! 

Are you a qualified professional, psychedelic society, or research organization?

If so, we're happy to create an ongoing and supportive relationship with you!

We partner with select organizations and professionals to host private retreats, events, and workshops that promote and reinforce best practices when it comes to contemporary and shamanic psychedelic use. 

Collaboration may include:
  • Retreat/Event Infrastructure

  • Sacred Medicine Access

  • Integration Services

  • Facilitator Support

  • Co-branded Advertising

  • Social Media support

a discussion between 3 people at sunset on the beach


Jamican flag with mushrooms

100 % Legal Venue in Jamaica

  • Locally grown mushrooms 

  • Professional psilocybin products

two bare feet in the sand at a private community beach cove by Doranja house

Seaside Location by Great Bay 

  • Secure, private, family-run property

  • Private access to community beach

screened hammock tents set up in the outdoor medicine space at Doranja House

Safe Sacred Medicine Space

  •  Screened tents with hammocks

  •  36"x72" foam cushion mats 

double occupancy room with 2 beds, ensuite bathroom, airconditioning and mosquito nets above each bed
  • 10 rooms in 4 buildings, all with ensuite bathrooms, hot water, air conditioning, fans, and mosquito nets over the beds

  • 5 private rooms and 5 double occupancy rooms with 2 beds for a total 15 beds (Queen/Full/Twin)

full size bed in private room at Calabash House

 Additional Lodging, Calabash Bay

  • 4 airconditioned rooms with ensuite bathrooms (8 beds): 1 private room, 2 rooms with 2 beds, and 1 room with 3 beds

  • Beach front (no medicine space)

  • Doranja House + additional lodging can accommodate groups up to 23 (23 beds)

ocean view from the pool deck at Butterfly Villa

Luxury Villa Options, Billy's Bay

  • Several full service villas suitable for smaller groups (example by Billy Bay)

  • Housekeeping, chef, shopping, and some transportation typically included

  • Accommodates 5-8 (2 Kings + 3 Dbl.)

  • Medicine space and work permitted

YS Falls Natural Pools in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica W.I.

Excursions & Local Outings

  • Excursions to YS Falls - Swim at a local nature park tourist attraction

  • Local Treasure Beach area outings

Woman meditating on the beach

Onsite Service Options

  • Guided meditation 

  • Yoga instruction

  • Massages (3-4 service providers)


  • Airport pick-up & drop-off

  • Excursion and local outing(s)

  • Pre-departure Covid-testing if applicable for your country

We are experts at developing transformational healing retreats and workshops. If you'd like to discuss the possibilities of a collaborative project please get in touch to get the conversations started!

Please see our Code of Conduct Page - A LifeTime DPS Membership is required to collaborate.

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