Doreen Gordon

Hospitality - Owner of Doranja House

Doreen and her husband, Kanga, own and operate Doranja House in Treasure Beach, Jamaica and have been actively involved in tourism hospitality for more than a decade. Running daily operations and managing their family business Doreen has gained extensive experience serving as host for a variety of group gatherings seeking a private tranquil setting outside the popular tourist destinations.


She was the first to host psychedelic retreats in Jamaica as far back as 2013. Through hosting numerous psilocybin assisted retreats, Doreen has experience with the effects on participants and is sensitive to their needs. Doreen and her family have earned the (un)official title of "The First Psychedelic Family of Jamaica" and they're very much active in mushroom cultivation.

Before getting involved in hospitality and hosting guests on their family property, Doreen was a successful shop owner and farmer. Doreen is a friendly, caring, and fun-loving person to be around. Her life motto is: "Be the best at what you do".