Manuel Mendez

Medicine Guide

For the last decade, Manuel has dedicated his life to exploring altered states of consciousness as tools to improve our personal and collective quality of life. By his late teens, encounters with psilocybin mushrooms, meditation, and music had swept him away into a personal healing journey that has evolved into a deep passion of service - holding space for others to reconnect with their true essence.

Early in this path, he connected with the didgeridoo and drums which led to an understanding of the essential role music and vibration play in the transformative space. After some years of mushroom assisted self-exploration and holding space for close friends and family, Manuel began assisting medicine men from the Amazon in ayahuasca ceremonies. Initially keeping the fire and assisting participants through challenging periods, and later providing music, he has assisted in countless ceremonies where he's gained experience working with all types of individuals and experiences. 


For the past five years, he has been facilitating individual and group psilocybin sessions, weaving multi-instrumental sound journeys with shamanic and mindfulness practices into a cohesive, sacred, and therapeutic setting. 

Through his own integrative process, Manuel has grown a deep appreciation for Eastern practices such as mediation, chanting, breathwork and movement. Realizing that working with the medicine is only part of the journey, he strives to bring awareness to daily spiritual practices that reconnect us to our source, divinity, and innate compassion to all beings.