Omar Thomas

Omar is a Gulf War-era veteran, founder of Diaspora Psychedelic Society (DPS) and CEO of Jamaican Organics. He is a longtime homeschooling father and self-sufficiency advocate as well as a member of the Jamaican Diaspora Task Force on Behavioral Health. Omar's Jamaican and Panamanian upbringing led him to search for non-traditional answers to his own PTSD and trauma issues in the early 1990's. His search eventually took him to Mexico where he underwent 30 days of fasting, isolation, and intensive sacred mushroom work under curandero guidance. Omar has been a permanent resident of Mexico for years but has now returned to Jamaica to collaborate with a number of organizations that promote responsible sacred medicine use and equitable access to nature-based therapies. 

Omar is spearheading a number of community-enrichment projects including the building of The DPS Center, a Jamaica-based sacred medicine center and 100% sustainable eco-community. Most days you'll find him teaching, working on his 10-acre organic farm, or catching the sunrise from some new vantage point on his beautiful island home of Jamaica.