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DMT & Changa - An Introduction

Tryptamine\'trip-ta-,mēn\n.[tryptophan fr.tryptic, fr.trypsin, fr.Gk, tryein, to wear down (from its occurrence in pancreatic juice as a proteolytic enzyme)+amine fr NL Ammonia]

A naturally occurring compound found in both animal and plant kingdoms. It's an endogenous component of the human brain, the most known of course being Serotonin, for short, the molecule responsible for stabilization of our mood, feelings of well-being, and happiness, scientifically named 5-HT2A commonly known as the happy molecule.

Approximately 55 compounds are known to bind to this neuroreceptor but one is yet to be demystified by science.

Dimethyltryptamine DMT for short, often called "The Businessman's-trip" for its short duration, from 15 to 30 minutes, it is said to be the precise high for the time of a business man lunch break.

As Terrence McKenna once said DMT is a drug that we are all holding and Alexander Shulgin claimed in his book TIHKAL "DMT is everywhere" we know our body produces this substance, however, we are not quite sure why or how, or even where is it being produced.

There are thousands of species (marine and plant kingdom) known to hold DMT being the most known Psychotria Viridis (Chacruna), Mimosa Hostillis (Jurema), Anadenanthera Colubrina (Yopo), Diplopterys Cabreana (Chaliponga), and the Acacia species.

This molecule has been known to exist for decades but it was only in the '30s when DMT was first synthesized by R. Manske when studying alkaloids in strawberries, DMT's hallucinogenic properties were not reported until 1956 when Szara (psychiatrist and chemist) extracted the alkaloid from Mimosa Hostilis and administered the extract to himself intramuscularly.

That being said DMT has various processes of consumption the most common ones being inhalation (Freebase or Changa), brew (Ayahuasca), and the most uncommon ones being rectally and injecting since these last two options can cause some discomfort to the user. Some users claim that smoking DMT crystals can even be too difficult so they often use other methods such as the plant blend Changa or the Ayahuasca brew (being the golden standard Banisteriopsis Caapi (MAOI- Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor) with Psychotria Viridis (Chacruna) to create this brew one must have an MAOI to feel any effect as DMT solely cannot be metabolized by its own.

Despite its short duration as Rick Strassman named it "Spirit Molecule" the users report being completely thrown into another dimension, a dimension where they can communicate with other spiritual beings and DMT entities, as Terrence Mckenna once called them the "Machine Elves", entities that report coming from other dimensions to give people life tips, inspiration or to make them fight personal issues. Plenty of users have claimed a bettering of their life once they met these DMT entities, some even become religious and proceed to praise those entities as their gods. In some cases, people may even experience such unknown places that make them think they are dead and they have achieved to face the ultimate human fear.

Dr.Rick Strassman once suggested that DMT could be produced naturally by the reptilian part of our brain the Pineal Gland, hypothesizing that the pineal gland is the bridge between the physical and the spiritual realm. This part of our brain didn't evolve like the rest of it, it is the part of our brainresponsible for our fears, intuition, production of melatonin, and a serotonin-derived molecule in between many other central nervous system functions.

He also claimed that the dreaming, near-dead states could lead to a DMT-like state, therefore we should be able to access those states naturally with practices like Kundalini Yoga or Holotropic breathwork via meditation. This assumption leads to esoteric ideas of the pineal gland being the origin of spiritual and paranormal abilities.

Terence Mckenna would often direct DMT as the most powerful and authentic psychedelic experience one could have, during his speeches he would often describe the Machine-Elves and entities he had encountered claiming "DMT is something Magic!" this made DMT to rise its popularity and become such a respectful psychedelic.

When it comes to botanical DMT mixtures, Changa is the only smokable blend, first invented by the Australian Julian Palmer, there's a massive debate when it comes to what is the original recipe of Changa as Palmer was only the first reported experience, therefore, someone around the world may have already created an "original" blend that remains unreported. However Palmer reports that the "true" Changa recipe contains B.Caapi vine, the Ayahuasca vine, he has also written that "the Ayahuasca vine will not activate the other herbs and the duration of the experience will not be the same."

There are several recipes when it comes to Changa as one can be their own Changa alchemist, commonly, Changa contains Mimosa Hostillis as the DMT containing plant and Sirian Rue as the Harmala/Harmaline containing plant. Whatsoever when Changa is bought by illicit/sketch sources this blend can contain something completely different than the regular Changas which sometimes can contain plants such as parsley, mint, camomille, or other aromatic plants for flavoring purposes. Just like the THC-Cartridges contaminated with AB-FUBINICA buying Changa from an unreliable source and consuming it without testing it can lead to serious consequences.



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