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Psychedelic End-Of-Life DOULA Certification

- Christine Caldwell, DPS End-Of-Life Programs Manager

Do you feel a calling?

It takes a special person to work with people facing their last journey. Without support, too many people experience fear, sadness and alienation. To help someone overcome their fears and create a joyful transition is one of the greatest gifts we can give each other. Diaspora Psychedelic Society (DPS) offers those feeling called to End of Life Doula work, a path to certification, along with learning about the use of a powerful tool to ease the fear of dying and bring love and peace to a person's end-of-life journey.

Based on research, psilocybin is now becoming legally accessible.

Within the last two decades, research at John Hopkins, New York University and the University of California Los Angeles has consistently shown that the use of psilocybin with psychotherapy significantly reduced the anxiety and depression suffered by those with advanced stage cancer while increasing their emotional well-being and feelings of acceptance toward their death.

DPS offers the first Psychedelic End-of-Life Doula Program, pairing

Doula Training with Psilocybin.

To complete certification, trainees will participate in eight live, virtual modules over four weeks, followed by a 6 day/5 night psilocybin experience and training in Treasure Beach, Jamaica, where psilocybin is legal. The course provides an in-depth view of the role of the end of life doula, including the issues, challenges, and rewards around working with individuals and their families at the end of life.

In Jamaica, trainees will undergo two psilocybin journeys with preparation and integration sessions. While there, they will also participate in 5 workshop sessions covering an introduction to psychedelics, ethical and legal considerations, working with the medicine, and the preparation and integration process.

DPS Bonus

The tuition for our End-Of-Life Doula Certification online course includes the cost of your National End-of-Life Doula Alliance (NEDA) credentialing exam, paid upon satisfactory completion of all requirements.

Already a Certified End-of-Life Doula or Hospice Care Professional?

For those already certified or working as a licensed healthcare professional in palliative or hospice care, DPS offers the option of participating in the 6 day/5 night psilocybin exploration and training in Jamaica only.

- To review dates for our End-Of-Life Doula Certification online classes, click here.

- For our Psychedelic End-Of-Life Doula Certification's Psilocybin Exploration & Training dates in Jamaica, click here.



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