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The Heart Of Our Mission

Diaspora Psychedelic Society is a heart-centered spiritual home welcoming all who enter into a safe, healing environment of unconditional love and peace. We teach and practice Universal Principles, transforming lives through sacred medicine encounters, deep integration, and integration counseling. Our vision is to equip our members to pursue lives of wholeness and unfolding spiritual connection.

Spiritual Exploration

All life is interconnected and flows from One Source to which we are all connected - Not a new religion, an agreement between religions.

As a place of bridges between spiritual paths we've created an enduring foundation that offers a safe container to explore the mystic planes. We facilitate direct experience ceremonies that explore our common connection, the human story, and our limitless potential to heal and find wholeness.

DPS maintains its own sacred medicine sanctuary on the island. Our sacraments are conscientiously and lovingly grown and tended by our dedicated members.



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