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Sidi Boo Genus, Psilocybin Trip sitter
sidi genus

Sidi Genus is an experienced psilocybin trip sitter that understands the effects on a participant through the arc of the psilocybin 'journey'. Doranja House, Sidi's family home, has hosted dozens of psilocybin retreats and served hundreds of participants over the last decade. Simply put, Sidi knows what to do and what not to do. She is a caring, calm soul sensitive to your needs. She'll be with you throughout your session, watch over you, help you move around if you want to, but otherwise not influence your experience. You'll know that you are in a safe space to surrender to your 'journey'.

Sidi's years of experience include supporting facilitation at Myco Meditations and growing psilocybin mushrooms for Magnificent Mushrooms as well as herself. She has become a local expert on cultivating the "magic mushrooms" and teaches classes locally and at Darren Springer's cultivation workshops hosted at Doranja House.

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