who we are

We are a Jamaican psychedelic society offering legal sacred medicine exploration along with wellness programs that support inner healing and a deeper connection to life. Psilocybin-supported healing and integration for individuals, families, and community is our mission. 

what we do

We offer more affordable access to entheogen-based exploration for private individuals, groups, and organizations.

We host some of the most unique sacred medicine experiences and workshops in the world.

We collaborate with like-minded organizations around the world to advance the psychedelic movement. 

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Sacred Medicine Exploration

Private psilocybin exploration by the sea with flexible scheduling, members-only events, and unique educational workshops.

Relationship Healing

Therapy-backed, private psilocybin-supported exploration focusing on healing and creating new rules of engagement for couples and families.


work exchange program

Creating more affordable access is what we're all about. Stay with us for a month for about the cost of a typical psilocybin-assisted retreat. 

Become A member

Your membership directly supports our work exchange program, our annual pay-what-you-can gatherings, and helps drive our active community-building initiatives. 

Now $7 per month

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