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We are excited to announce that we're building our own 100% sustainable sacred medicine center.

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We work to accelerate personal growth and wellness through the use of psychedelics and sacred medicines.

who we are

We are a psychedelic society and fulltime wellness center offering sacred medicine-based experiences and educational programs that support inner healing and a deeper connection to life. 

what we do

We offer more affordable access to psilocybin exploration for private individuals, groups, and organizations.

We host some of the most unique sacred medicine experiences and workshops in the world.

We collaborate with like-minded organizations around the world to advance the psychedelic movement. 

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    Warriors WAY™ 


    Are you seeking a deeper sacred medicine encounter? The Warriors Way™ is an intensive integration-based experience.

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     private Medicine EXPLORATION

    Private individual and small group sacred medicine exploration by the sea. Flexible scheduling, short and extended stay options available.

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    collaboration Projects

    We firmly believe that cooperation between psychedelic organizations is key to the future of effective sacred medicine work. 


How are we different?

We are not a retreat company. We are a psychedelic community committed to healing, growth, and positive social change that starts from within Jamaica.

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Your membership supports more equitable and affordable exploration and helps facilitate our active community-building initiatives. 

Now $7 per month

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