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who we are

We offer community-based and clinical psilocybin-supported wellness programs on the island of Jamaica. DPS works to spread healing and connection via collaboration with like-minded organizations who share  the goal of advancing the psychedelic movement.  

The Psilocybin Molecule
what we do
The nn-dmt molecule

We offer more affordable access to entheogen-based exploration for private individuals, groups, and organizations.

We host some of the most unique sacred medicine experiences and workshops in the world.

We collaborate with like-minded organizations around the world to advance the psychedelic movement. 

Private sacred medicine exploration by the sea

Sacred Medicine Exploration

Private psilocybin exploration for individuals, couples, and small groups. Members-only events, and unique educational workshops.



We partner with select individuals and organizations to host legal psilocybin-supported retreats, events, and workshops.



Join us for Music, Medicine & Mindfulness solstice celebrations, our Spirit Molecule Workshop, or check availability for private sessions.

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Your membership directly supports our work exchange program and helps drive our active community-building initiatives. 

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