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Headshot of Benedicte Mannix, Holistic therapist & psilocybin facilitator

Benedicte Mannix

“Dream your life and live your dreams”, says 'Ben': "I am a positive and enthusiastic person, forever in search of truth and happiness. I believe in the immense potential of human beings and that every person is beautiful. In more than 30 years of travelling the world I have met people from many different cultures and I realized that what makes people happy, more than anything else, is to be free! 

As a holistic, client-centered therapist Ben studied Rogerian therapy. Her approach is humanistic and empathetic, emphasizing an unconditional positive regard for her clients. As a transgenerational therapist Ben sees all human beings as part of a system, and she believes that everyone has the power to achieve whatever goals they can imagine. She sees her role as a therapist as helping people to know themselves better in order to achieve them.


Ben has studied Sophrology, understanding that the body and mind are connected, and she helps people become more connected and conscious with themselves. She teaches Sophrology at the Sophro Academy Specialist Programs designed for certified Sophrologists handling patients with anxiety, depression and phobias. Ben specializes in childhood trauma, and she's currently writing a book about how Sophrology can help people deal with the consequences of childhood trauma.


Ben has several years of experience with Risk Reduction at various large festivals around the world. She was a part of its creation in South Africa, to provide a supportive environment and specialized care designed to transform difficult psychedelic experiences into valuable learning opportunities for healing and growth. This work contributed to reducing the number of drug-related hospitalizations and arrests at BOOM Festival / Afrika Burn / Earth Dance / Origins events.


Ben is also a psilocybin facilitator. After 30 years of experiencing psychedelics and witnessing others’ experiences she is convinced of its benefits, and grateful for the opportunity to continue to support both individuals and groups using psilocybin. Combining her holistic therapy style with her psychedelic facilitation and recreational use Risk Reduction experience, Ben feels qualified to hold space, serve the medicine, and facilitate psychedelic integration. Integration of the psychedelic experience is one of the most important parts of the psychedelic journey as it provides a space to bring forth insights gained during the altered state of consciousness.

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