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Psychedelic EOL / PROFESSIONAL CertificatiON

Psilocybin Exploration Training

Our Psychedelic Professional Certification is open to certified end-of-life doulas, hospice/palliative care providers, and other qualifying professionals interested in learning about the benefits psilocybin can offer their clients.

Join us for Psilocybin Exploration Training in Treasure Beach, Jamaica, where you'll learn the 5 key points of facilitating psilocybin 'journeys' and experience two 'journeys' of your own in order to fully understand what your clients can expect and how best to support them through it. 

  1. Psychedelics Overview.

  2. Working with the Medicine. 

  3. Ethical and Legal Considerations.

  4. The Preparation Process.

  5. The Integration Process.

Participants will learn how to:
  • Experience and understand the effects of taking psilocybin

  • Incorporate psilocybin use to help alleviate client's fears such as near-death anxiety

  • Hold space for the client during this sacred time and what comes next

5-nights /6-days

  • PRE-JOURNEY. 60 minute virtual private preparation, 60 minute group session: "Meet the facilitators" 

  1. ARRIVAL DAY. Check in after 3 pm, Welcome, Introductions, Orientation.

  2. MEDICINE DAY #1.  Facilitated discussions, Preparation including fasting for early evening psilocybin exploration.

  3. INTEGRATION DAY. Group Integration, Facilitated discussions, Free time.

  4. MEDICINE DAY #2.  Facilitated discussions, Preparation including fasting for early evening psilocybin exploration.

  5. INTEGRATION DAY #2. Group Integration, Wrap-up, Free time, and Celebration!

  6. DEPARTURE DAY. Check out by 11am.

  • POST-JOURNEY. 60 minute virtual private integration session, 60 minute virtual group integration session

Your own sessions include:
  • Sacred Medicine Participation Health Review

  • 60 min. private virtual preparation before coming to Jamaica

  • 60 min. group virtual preparation to meet your facilitators before coming to Jamaica

  • Professional preparation and guidance

  • Professional support during sessions

  • Professional integration counseling

  • Sea-side accommodations, on-site meals

  • Airport and local transportation

  • 60 min. private virtual integration follow-up

  • 60 min. group virtual integration follow-up



EOL Training Team