PSYCHEDELIC END-OF-Life Doula Certification

Course Objectives

This course is designed to provide an in-depth view of an end-of-life doulas role, combined with the use of psilocybin to help reduce fear and anxiety associated with death and dying.


It includes an online course with live classes and psilocybin exploration training in Jamaica.


Topics for Online Classes

  • The role and scope of a death doula and how to provide unconditional positive regard and nonjudgmental support

  • Common terminal conditions, pain management, the dying process, and helpful non-medical strategies to ease suffering

  • The importance of networking with local professionals, organizations and businesses that provide services for those at the end of life

Participants will learn how to:

  • Be prepared to work in harmony with a client’s care team as needed to emphasize the client’s feelings of empowerment

  • Recognize and support the stages of anticipatory grief

  • Engage in meaningful conversations and life reviews with clients, including helping with legacy projects

  • Support clients in developing vigil wishes and advance directives that make sense

  • Nurture a protective, calm presence and environment with clients

  • Develop effective ways to decrease anxiety/suffering by creating a peaceful space for clients


Psilocybin Exploration Topics

  1. Psychedelics Overview.

  2. Working with the Medicine. 

  3. Ethical and Legal Considerations.

  4. The Preparation Process.

  5. The Integration Process.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Experience and understand the effects of taking psilocybin

  • Incorporate psilocybin use to help alleviate client's fears such as near-death anxiety

  • Hold space for the client during this sacred time and what comes next

5-nights /6-days

  • PRE-JOURNEY. 60 minute virtual private preparation, 60 minute group session: "Meet the facilitators" 

  1. ARRIVAL DAY. Check in after 3 pm, Welcome, Introductions, Orientation.

  2. MEDICINE DAY #1.  Facilitated discussions, Preparation including fasting for early evening psilocybin exploration.

  3. INTEGRATION DAY. Group Integration, Facilitated discussions, Free time.

  4. MEDICINE DAY #2.  Facilitated discussions, Preparation including fasting for early evening psilocybin exploration.

  5. INTEGRATION DAY #2. Group Integration, Wrap-up, Free time, and Celebration!

  6. DEPARTURE DAY. Check out by 11am.

  • POST-JOURNEY. 60 minute virtual private integration session, 60 minute virtual group integration session

This is a supportive learning experience with opportunities for participants to examine their own experiences, beliefs, hopes, and fears about death, and to grow with a subject that can be life-changing.

Your own sessions include:

  • Sacred Medicine Participation Health Review

  • 60 min. private virtual preparation before coming to Jamaica

  • 60 min. group virtual preparation to meet your facilitators before coming to Jamaica

  • Professional preparation and guidance

  • Professional support during sessions

  • Professional integration counseling

  • Sea-side accommodations, on-site meals

  • Airport and local transportation

  • 60 min. private virtual integration follow-up

  • 60 min. group virtual integration follow-up


All online course students, certified end-of-life doulas, hospice and palliative care professionals who complete our Psilocybin Exploration Training in Jamaica with a score of 70% or greater will receive a digital badge and be able to download a Psychedelic End-Of-Life Doula Training Certificate of Completion.

We recommend taking our Online Course before coming to Jamaica for your Psilocybin Exploration Training; however, you can sign up for both in any order that suits your schedule best. 


Tuition for your Online Course includes the cost of the National End-of-Life Doula Alliance (NEDA) credentialing exam, paid upon satisfactory completion of all requirements.


We offer End Of Life Doula Certification Training 3 ways: